Dahon Biologic Zorinpump Seatpost 2007

Dahon  Biologic Zorinpump Seatpost  2007

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Brand: Dahon
Category: Seatposts

Description: The Biologic? ZorinPump is an ingenious combination of a seat-post and powerful floor-pump. The pump is always at hand, hidden from the elements and thieves, and can inflate a tire in a few strokes! | | You stand while you pump and use the saddle as a handle, so say good-bye to kneeling in the dirt with a mini pump that will give you an arm cramp before your tire is filled and ready to ride. | | | Modern, award winning design | Lightweight (only 100g more than a conventional seat-post) | Attention to build-quality to eliminate rattling during transit | Efficient pump mechanism | Ergonomically correct; comfortable to use | Protected from the elements when stored | Compatible with Schrader and Presta valves | Inconspicuous (stored in frame) | High inflation rate | High obtainable pressure | No permanent installation required | Available in different sizes to suit different bikes | 100% serviceable | Cannot forget to take it with you! | | Laser-etched graphics on the outer wall are the only give away that this is no ordinary seat-post. | | After it is removed from the bicycle, the pump is accessed by pushing against, and then rotating the lower assembly. This releases the spring-loaded locking mechanism that holds the upper and lower parts of the pump together. | | A small aperture in the lower body is designed to assist air-hose egress. The user then attaches air-hose to bicycle inner-tube valve. The standard connection is for schrader-type valves, although a presta adaptor is also supplied*. | | The internal design of the pump is intended to optimise efficiency and attain high pressure. Apart from the considerable swept volume of air-per-stroke, ZorinPump has an ingenious air-flow system which isolates pressurised air at the end of each stroke between the piston-head and the inner-tube valve. | Locking screws can be released to enable full access to internal working parts. Periodic maintenance of the pump is therefore made possible, as is the replacement of individual pump seals if required. | | As a result of being located within, and protected by the bicycle seat-post tube during transit, ZorinPump is not affected by mud and dirt that collects on the bicycle frame. This can be a problem for conventional hand-held pumps where dirt gets into the internal workings and inevitably reduces the integrity of the seal.

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" Is it really necessary? "

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Reviewed on: 2nd Feb 2013 from Singapore Singapore

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Perfect if you're not a weight weenie...though many people change it immediately after buying the bike, to shave weight.

Perfect idea to have pump in a seatpost, no hassle, not worries about forgetting, or having to carry it along when you go for rides. Idea is great!


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Comes with stock dahon bike.

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