Scott Scale 30 Carbon 2008

Scott  Scale 30 Carbon  2008

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Brand: Scott
Category: Hard-Tail MTBs

Description: The Scott Scale, which has been top of its class and the racing bike of Thomas Frischknecht, Nino Schurter and Florian Vogel for the last 4 years, offers other racing cyclists and hard tail fanatics the best the market can offer. Highly praised in the industry and number one test bike in the trade press on countless occasions, the Scott Scale is still seen as the enduring hero in its sport! The top Scale frames which are constructed using HMX? NET? carbon fibre weigh just 980 grams, a figure that is still much lighter than competitor frames! The proven CR1 technology ensures quality, a high level of safety and durability in the carbon sector! What?s more, the SDS (shock damping system) guarantees a smooth ride, protecting you from the roughest jolts and vibrations. And you will love the sheer practicality and beauty of the replaceable dropout hangar on the delta bridge. Proven CR1 technology delivers top quality construction while ensuring the highest safety standards and durability in carbon design. Our SDS (Shock Damping System) guarantees a smooth ride, sucking up the nastiest jolts and vibrations. The Scale's long history of race wins speak for itself. There is no better hard tail racing platform.

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