Hope Skewer 2008

Hope  Skewer  2008

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Brand: Hope
Category: Skewers

Description: Stainless Steel

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Filthy Rich Rider

" Premium for the Pimp "

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Reviewed on: 23rd Mar 2010 from Singapore

The Review
I got it to complete the colour scheme on my bike. And it is pretty much bomb-proof as I experienced Shimano (detached nut cap) and Mavic (QR lever pin dislodge) booboos.

But from a user perspective I prefer mechanism and better ergonomics of Shimano and Mavics (they are more finger friendly and appears to have more mechanical advantage when clamping down).

Exquisite CNC finish and the range of pretty colours to choose from.

It does its job alright.


Not very user friendly for riders to remove their wheels frequently as there is plenty of trial and error on the screw nut to get the QR lever tightened right.

Duration of product used
2 years

Bike Setup
Giant Anthem 1 and X2

Similar Products Tried
Shimano and Mavic

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