Io DuPont Power Cordz 2005

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Brand: Io DuPont
Category: Cables - Brakes

Description: Bicycle Brake and Shifter Cordz? | Power Cordz? are the next generation of push-pull control! | | Over 75% Lighter Than Steel Cable | Power Cordz? weigh under 7 grams per set resulting in over 30 grams of weight savings! | | Smooth Responsive Fingertip Control | Power Cordz? lateral stiffness, flexibility and low coefficient of friction gives the rider improved control. | | Durable, Dependable & No Corrosion | Power Cordz? non metallic, smooth coating doesn't rust and limits grime build up increasing component life! | | Stays Tuned with Low Maintenance | Power Cordz? lowers the forces on the components which dramatically reduces the need for adjustment

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