Nuke Optics V4 Polarized Lifestyle 2016

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Brand: Nuke Optics
Category: Eyewear - Sports

Description: Venom is a single operating system that allows you to interchange any type of frame colour, size, material and shape with any type of arm colour, size, material and shape manufactured under the venom eco system with just a simple push and click.This gives you, the consumers the complete freedom to build your own pair of eyewear/sunglasses from a whopping 76 parts for a start and continue to modify them whenever you need, anytime you need. It gets even better for all prescription lens users. Most if not all, venom frames now comes with an rx clip/adaptor that can be fitted with prescription entirely by nuke. Every single pair in venom is unique to your own desire of how you want to build it. You are now the manufacturer of your own eyewear

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