LightSKIN LightSkin 2015

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Brand: LightSKIN
Category: Seatposts

Description: LightSKIN and Bicycles | LightSKIN’s simple design without protruding parts and with a unique touch button method offers a great deal of advantages compared to the existing protruding tail lights. When a high risk of shock, vibration, and damage exists, like with mountain bikes, LightSKIN’s robust structure will be a great help. In case of folding bikes that need to be folded frequently, LightSKIN’s sleek exterior with no protruding parts will maximize the advantage of the folding bikes. Furthermore, with the button integrated with the first LED and the 3-LED mode, it can be also easily used for those low saddle height bicycles, such as ones for women and children. | | Features of LightSKIN | LED Five high brightness LEDs | Durability | (Minimum) 50 hours | The entire ON mode ( 5LED mode No. 5) | (Maximum) 400 hours | The minimum power mode (3LED mode No. 2) | Batteries Two Alkaline AA batteries | Waterproof Waterproof for everyday life  | Operation Modes | Ten modes | Five modes (5LED) plus Five modes (3LED) | Weight Approximately 36 grams | LightSKIN’s weight without batteries | Dimensions Φ25.4mm, Φ27.2mm, Φ30.9mm | Φ31.6mm, Φ33.9mm (Various other sizes are also possible)

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