Topeak FlashStand? 2005

Topeak  FlashStand?  2005

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Brand: Topeak
Category: Bike Stands

Description: The ultimate portable tune-up stand. Great for keeping in the car or for travel. You could even take it on a bike tour. It even comes with its own bag! | | Tough aluminum and plastic construction | Easy to fold, store and open | Carrying bag included | | Size (LxWxH): 7.5" x 3.2" x 1.8" (Folded) 19.7" x 8.9" (Open) | Weight: 500 grams

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" Great innovation for those who are unwilling to spend >200 for a repair stands "

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Reviewed on: 7th Jun 2005 from Singapore

The Review
This is a tool that works well for those who do not have the storage space and the space to deploy a huge workstand, and for those who are unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a large workstand.

Generally it does its job well; the position where it suspends the rear wheel makes it easy to remove the rear wheel, which is a common headache while servicing our bikes at home. It keeps the derailers off the ground and is in a stable position.

One disadvantage in this stand is the folding legs; it cannot be "locked", and relies on the position it is rested on to be stable. A locking mechanism can be incorporated into the legs to make it stable.

Overall, a nifty little flash stand that is portable, and serves its purpose pretty well.

-generally holds the bike well

-folding legs sometimes fold inwards, causing the bike stand to be unstable.

Duration of product used
Less than 1 month

Bike Setup
White bike + Silver bike with ter ner ner parts.

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