SRAM SRAM Rival BB 2014

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Brand: SRAM
Category: Bottom Brackets

Description: Welcome our new Gutter Seal Technology! Gutter drastically improves sealing against the elements while reducing seal drag. We’ve designed a fresh new cup forging for a new high-end look. A new standard in external bearing performance!

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" Made the original Square taper BB primitive "

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Reviewed on: 29th May 2019 from Singapore

The Review
I bought this current Peugeot Professional 600 (with original Shimano 600 group-set) more than 10 years back from amateur collector. Replaced original square taper BB due to wear and tear in 2016 with GXP BB for the 1st time. Happily collected UCI sanctioned podium finish medal for veteran ITT with this GXP BB. 2nd GXP BB, last week at Bike Stop, about 3 years later, due to wear and tear. Also replace worn RD jockey wheels. Difference between worn and new BB, with new jockey wheels, is almost 10KPH (same route last Sunday morning). Replaced worn chain this morning. 53T Chain ring should be next for replacement.

The original square taper BB primitive by comparison.

I need to go to bike shop to replace the GXP BB, as I do not have access to DIY, as I do not intend to buy the wrench for the removal and installation.

Duration of product used
More than 3 years

Bike Setup
The more regularly patronized bike shop (along usual cycling route) had closed. I had previously bought some component from Bike Stop (a little out of the way). I am satisfied with the workmanship at Bike Stop.

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For commuting tire, Maxxis Detonator, Verdesten, among the more value for money. Cushioned saddle can help with road defects better. I find CST tubes cheap and good. I am using DIY bottle cage for 1.5L water bottle. I am more comforatble with MK platform pedals for commuting, as well as for competitions. The basic steel bike weightperformance does make many aluminium/carbon bikes look expensive/overweight. Happy cycling for everyone.

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