Sidi Dragon SRS 2004

Sidi  Dragon SRS  2004

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Brand: Sidi
Category: Cycling Shoes

Description: -Upper in Lorica and nylon Mesh | -Soft Instep closure system | -Spider buckle | -Tecno-II system | -Velcro? Security System | -Mtb Srs Dragon Sole | -Heel cup | -Lorica?

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" A* grade looks and design concept "

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Reviewed on: 29th Aug 2008 from Telok Blangah Singapore

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They'll really nice to have if you have cash for it... they're like the prada's for bike shoes, and the soles dun last very long too... so.. nutshell, you need to get really to spend on buy it, and spend more to keep it! Functionality-wise.. its more than average.. better than Good.. possibly the best? Very possibly...

Killer looks, greatest bling-bling effect, confidence boosting, light, flexible, great combination of technology on the straps, snug & firm fit yet flexible... better then average ventilation.

EXPENSIVE lor! White.. easi to dirty lor! too many small cavities, grooves and pin holes from the various fabrics used, may be a headache to maintain.. did i also mention that it EXPENSIVE lor!

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Not Sure

Bike Setup
Aloeca wanna be!

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