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Tune Mig Mag 2005

Tune  Mig Mag  2005

2 Reviews

Brand: Tune
Category: Hubs

Description: ? flange design for radial lacing pattern and aero-bladed spokes (up to 28 hole) - more spoke holes are for cross lacing only | ? "MIG 75" - lightest hub (hub test German bike 6/94) - first class stiffness | ? sensation of the hub market - extreme stiffness at just 183/205/225 grams | ? perfect tuning - no off -- the -- shelf parts - here is all custom made for tune | ? best customer service down to smallest item - guaranteed | ? complete serviceable - no maintenance required | ? shot peened aluminum freehub body - more resistant against deformation from cassette | ? spoke-friendly flange design | ? oversized axle - "MAG 180" axle is made of carbon - extra stiff | ? 4/5 cartridge bearings - sealed 8-times | ? clear or colored anodized for flawless finish | ? 4 pawls simultaneously engaged - freehub withstands strongest sprints | freehub body for Shimano or Campagnolo cassettes available | high-low flanges - larger flange on drive side for steeper spoke angle and more symmetric wheel | ? unique design - "MAG 200/215" with adjustable play - no bearing misalignments or tightening at highest clamping force | new concept - "MAG 200" - now our stiffest rear hub available


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" Stiff front, rear acts like a noodle, "

Overall Rating
Reviewed on: 18th Oct 2005 from S'pore - Easy

The Review
-Don't know where to put the 'neutral' comments, so I'd just say here that the hubs are noisy. Some people like it, but I particularly don't because it's disturbing in a group ride and attracts undesired attention along the road.

-The availability of the radial flange option is good for aerodynamic front wheelset set-ups.

First off when I clipped on, the smoothness was immediately felt. The main attraction is the EXTREME smoothness. Can't help but to empasize a second time, this is very smooth and doesn't wrestle for a stop at all. This attributes to the above-average performance.

Secondly, the low weight on these noticeably affect the rotational inertia of the set-up. Couldn't notice this on the Nano Elite and AC wheelsets as they had lighter AC hubs, but the stock Soul 3.0 on my kaki's bike interchanged with these really felt very different. Low weight would probably clock it 5 chillis if not for the rear hub.

-'Bling' look w/ the words emblazen, "tune" for posers.

-Besides these, considering the weight, and despite the relatively low stiffness of the rear hub, I'd still rate this 5 for reliability as it has taken sprints and pavement jumping safely like a bombproof shell.

-The rear hub acts like a noodle, doesn't have the desired stiffness for a hub of German manufacture. Still functional, but I expected more. The rear is smooth in terms of willingness to turn
-Very costly, kaki got it off a LBS at around a quarter of a grand for a pair of these; considering their performance as compared to cheaper alternatives like American Classic hubs, these aren't really worth the buck, so 3 chillis for the value

Duration of product used
Tested Once Only

Bike Setup
Litespeed Vortex, Nano Elite rims w/ Sapim CX-Ray spokes and AC CR420 w/ Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Soul 3.0 w/ DT Swiss spokes in a 1-shot trial.

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(Regular Reviewer)
Reviews Posted: 9

" Ultimate Bling* "

Overall Rating
Reviewed on: 5th Jan 2005 from Singapore

The Review
After an anxious wait, i finally got the hubs i've been waiting for!! Tune revealed the new MIG 70 and MAG 190 for 2005, just when u thought they couldn't get lighter...

A weight-weenie staple, the MIG+MAG is the ultimate in no-nonsense race-tech, simple and sweet! The super free-wheel produces a loud crackle reminisence of the old Ringle, AC, Hugi hubs, u get heard before u get seen! Laced up with legend Mavic 217 SUP Ceramics, DT Revo Spokes and DT Alu Nipples only to weigh a measely 1.4kg, it may cost more than Crossmax SL's but i find them well worth it... ChrisKing eat your heart out!!

*note - buyers who want to lace their spokes radially should not forget to get the radial-specific ones.

Till i can fault them, i'll give it a big "5"!!!
Afterall, Tune is THE no-compromise precision brand in bikes!!

Lighter than anything else!!
Simple, smart, smmmmoooth!!
Did anyone mention colours??

None Yet! Too good to be true!

Duration of product used
Less than 1 month

Bike Setup
Klein Mantra Comp 97 Rock Shox Duke Race 02 Race Face Next LP Chris King NoThreadSet Token Scandium BB Thomson Elite Selle Italia SLR 135 TUNE Mig 70 + Mag 190 hubs Mavic 217 SUP Ceramic DT Swiss Revo + Alu Nipples Hope Ti Skewers Panaracer Trailblaster XTR 04 Drivetrain Wipperman ConneX Crank Bros Eggbeater SL Kore Bar + Stem Real Levers Avid Single Digit Ti

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