Dr.Hon Vybe C7A 2013

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Brand: Dr.Hon
Category: Folding Bikes

Description: Dahon's 15-second fold and comfortable performance are legend - and that's what you get in this 20" folder: convenience and true riding comfort at a surprisingly low price. The Vybe C7A boasts long-lasting components such as Radius handlepost and Fusion and V-Clamp technologies | Wheel Size | 20" | Folded Size | 30 × 80 x 66 cm (11.8" × 31.5" × 26") | Fold Time | 15 sec | Weight | 12.5 kg (27.6 lbs)

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" Budget foldie "

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Reviewed on: 2nd Feb 2013 from Singapore Singapore

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Dahon lives up to its name and provides budget, reliable folding bikes.

A budget, entry level foldie with a simple 7 speed Dr Hon drivetrain.

Dr Hon shifters are crap. Gives alot of free play and break easily. Unless you're a recreational riders, these Dr Hon shifters aren't gonna cut it!

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Dr Hon Vybe C7A

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