Dr.Hon Curve D3 2013

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Brand: Dr.Hon
Category: Folding Bikes

Description: Curve D3 | Customers rave about the stylish and delightfully smooth handling of the Curve D3, one of Dahon’s most popular bikes. It’s the perfect bike for an easy commute or as a secondary mode of transportation stashed in a car. With its impressively small folded package, it’s easy to take two for a weekend getaway. | | | Wheel Size | 16" | Folded Size | 34 x 67 x 64 cm (13.3" x 26.4" x 25.2") | Fold Time | 15 sec. | Weight | 11.6 kg (25.6 lbs)

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" Lightweight and portable! "

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Reviewed on: 3rd Feb 2013 from Singapore Singapore

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Value for money foldie. Comes with relaible Sturmey Archer components and without the heavy seatpost pump. Great!

The D3 now finally comes with a full sturmey archer drivetrain(SA hubs and shifters). Shifting quality is excellent! It also does not come with the Biologic seatpost pump(present in previous year models), which helps shave some weight. Although it comes with Dr Hon tires(previous models came with Schwalbe big apple), the comfort level is stil not sacrificed, the knobby Dr Hon tires gives the bike a pretty nice look though.

None, unless you dislike 16 inch bikes.

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Dr Hon Curve D3 stock.

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