Rudy Project Genetyk Mask 2012

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Brand: Rudy Project
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: GENETYK MASK | Comfort and performance for cross-country skiers and biathletes | | Designed to meet the specific needs of cross-country skiers and biathletes, Genetyk MaskTM offers the very best in terms of comfort and performance. Its large-sized wraparound lens, in fact, protects the eyes against the snow, ice and air, at the same time guaranteeing perfect vision from all angles. Genetyk MaskTM, in fact, is fitted with the modern Multilaser Blue lenses. These lenses are developed through a special process which implements extremely thin "mirror" treatments on the surface of the lens, thereby improving the resistance and the excellent aesthetic appeal. The exclusive blue filter, in particular, has been designed to reflect the most intense sunrays, thereby eliminating visual stress. Top-level comfort is guaranteed by the adjustable bridge and the exclusive Brow Interface, a padded counter-frame which guarantees a perfect fit to the face and maximum ventilation. | | Colors: Yellow Fluo

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