American Classic Seatpost 2012

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Brand: American Classic
Category: Seatposts

Description: Bill Shook made another technologically advanced breakthrough. The curveaous design of our new seatpost is minimalist, extremely lightweight, incredibly strong and adjustable. The patented single bolt design is easy to adjust and keeps the interlocking clamp tight when loading the saddle with the rider’s body weight. Once the clamp is tightened, your saddle stays put. Aluminum is more durable than carbon. If you are tired of struggling with your carbon post, our curvy seatpost is the way to go. Bike fitters use our multi-purpose seatpost to properly position riders on their bikes. The post can be inserted in the frame forward or reversed for time trial triathlon forward position. The seatpost clamp can be moved forward and backward to dial in saddle comfort and optimal rider position. Unique to this seatpost, the head can be tilted slightly side to side to correct some rider leg and hip discrepancies without the endless chore of shimming shoes. | | LENGTH 350mm | DIAMETERS 27.2 / 31.6 | WEIGHT 27.2 200 gr / 31,6 210 gr | SETBACK 25.4mm | COLOR Black | TOOLS NEEDED Torque Wrench with 4mm Hex Key

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