Rock N Roll Tensile "60" Lock Ring for 18 Teeth 2012

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Brand: Rock N Roll
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: Brand: Tensile | Model: Freewheel 60 Click Version | Part: Replacement Lock Ring for 18 Teeth | - One of the UK's most popular freewheels and now its probably the most fully serviceable freewheel on the market | | - This is the Freewheel Lock Ring. It locks the whole freewheel together and should be re-fitted using thread-lock. | | - This part is one of the three main components of the freewheel body assembly and is sold individually. | | - This freewheel is fully user serviceable, with all parts now available separately online here. | | - All spares are priced to make it a very economical operation to service and repair your freewheel. | | | - The freewheel can be removed with a Shimano-style 20 spline bottom bracket tool and a double pin spanner is required to remove the lockring.

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