Rock N Roll Onza Skull 20" Trials Frame 2012

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Brand: Rock N Roll
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: Brand: Onza | Model: Skull 20" | Colour: Gloss Black | Years of testing and “fresh” ideas being thrown at it the Skull has formed a very unique look. The name was though up from the stylish head tube fitted. | Cut out to the extreme to save weight and produce stunning visuals. Weighs a fantastic 1.7KG but holds it own on the streets. Top tube and down tube welded together almost all the way down to the bottom bracket gives the frame a very “stiff” and responsive feel. CNC machined reverse drop-outs does away with having to have snail cams or chain tugs giving it a fresh and clean look. ~Fantastic detailed graphics finish the frame off. | Fitted with the Anti-Flare stainless steel rings. | Geometry: | Wheelbase: 1015mm | Bottom Bracket: +60mm | Chainstay: 350mm | Weight 1.72Kg approx

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