Dabomb Internal 2012

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Brand: Dabomb
Category: Headsets

Description: Packed in a small and compact package Da Bomb made these devices to be small but incredibly powerful without being seen. You plant them deep in your bike frame and although you barely see them, the feeling from them is instantaneous. Coming in a variety of choices, from Tapered conversion kits to standard sizes for headsets we are sure that the selection will be overwhelming. | | Material Aluminum | Technology CNC machined | Steering Tube Size 1-1/8" straight | Stack Height 9.3mm ± 0.3mm | Top Stack Height 6.7mm | Bottom Stack Height 2.6mm | Top Bearing Sealed Bearing | (OD 41 x 45°) | Bottom Bearing Sealed Bearing | (OD 41 x 45°) | Color Black | Weight 110g

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