Polar M61 HRM 2003

Polar  M61 HRM  2003

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Brand: Polar
Category: Cyclo Computers

Description: This is the higher end model of the new M series. Featuring their new wearlink transmitter, featuring coded transmission (no interference from other nearby HRMs), replaceable battery and a soft strap securing system for greater comfort and secureness.

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" A high quality HRM at a midrange price "

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Reviewed on: 30th Oct 2003 from Singapore

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Overall I am very satisfied with this buy. Having a HRM allows me to train intelligently and for maxiumum effect.

I now enjoy my cycling and running much more!

If you do not need the Ownindex and also the dual user profile function, get the M32, its cheaper and has most of the features as of the M61 as well!

- Wearlink transmitter belt features coded transmission, which makes it possible for you to run with your buddies with the same M61 HRM!
- Worlds first soft belt transmitter, allows you to wear it closer to your body without inhibitng chest expansion during exhaling. Also prevents slippage.
- Replaceable batteries for watch and transmitter
- Has Ownindex or fitness test to gauge your fitness
- Ownzone feature allows a HRM determined training zone for the session
- Calories burnt + fat %
- Backlight
- Clock, stopwatch, session exercise time, session inzone time, total calories burnt, total
exerise time
- Average heart rate for session
- Supports two user profiles
- Alarm for exceeding zone limits
- Two year warranty
- Nice and light watch

- Does not have computer download
- Quite pricey
- Interference when riding gym cycle
- Does not record maximum heart rate reached

Duration of product used
Less than 1 month

Bike Setup
Dean Colonel Ti 2003 Full XT

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