Yepp Maxi Child Seat (Rear) 2011

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Brand: Yepp
Category: Child Seats

Description: Next to the already existing Yepp Maxi seat post the Yepp Maxi range has been extended with Yepp Maxi Easfit. Together with the Yepp Maxi seat post the Yepp series is now suitable voor a large number of bikes. Several bike manufactures have adjusted their carriers for a number of models with an "Easyfit window" which enables the Yepp Easyfit to be mounted directly, without the use of an accessory. | | De Yepp Maxi Easyfit is suitable for: | - direct mounting on the pannier rack (when it meets EN 14872) and with integrated "easyfit window" or | - by using the new Easyfit carrier which incorporates this window. | | Yepp Maxi easyfit is characterized by a very simple (de-) mounting. | | Only by turning the knob on the back, the Yepp Maxi easyfit fixes it self in the Easyfit Window. Simultaneously with the rotation, the red button needs to be pressed for additional security. The Turning knob "lockes" itself every 90? which ensures that the Yepp Maxi Easyfit stays in position under all circumstances. | Our Yepp Maxi Easyfit is availabe in the colours Black, Blue, Lime and Orange

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Reviewed on: 4th May 2011 from Singapore

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Highly recommend. They look cool. Material is same as the Croc shoes. With one kid on front it is very smooth. Best on a relaxed bike with more upright riding position. I changed seat on my MTB and added rising stem and stem extender and wrap aroudn bars to convert my MTB into a cruiser, this is best setup for croozing with the kids.

Rear seat has suspended design or rear rack design. Fits my MTB which could not take a Rear Rack. Easy to attach and detach from bike.

On Rear seat I'd prefer if it had a bar accross the front for the kid to hold

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3 months

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See my setup here

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