Mavic Wintech USB Alti 2011

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Brand: Mavic
Category: Cyclo Computers

Description: Altimeter and cycling information, your choice of speed sensor and direct connection to your PC. | | The accurate 2.4 GHz cycling computer that integrates reliable and useful elevation information. All this precious information is easily downloadable to your PC for analyze and storage. Plus the freedom to chose one or more of our 3 speed sensors. | | KEY BENEFITS: | For the climbing addicts | All usefull altimeter functions | Plus all speed and distance functions of the Wintech USB | | PC download via USB plug of the computer housing | Upload: customize displays and ease settings | Download: transfer data and analyze performance | | Modularity | Chose among 3 speed sensors type | Use up to 3 speed sensors with the same computer | | Speed, distance and generic functions | Current speed (Km/h or m/h) | Average speed | Maximum Speed | Tendency indicator | Daily distance (km or m) | Total accumulated distance | Total accumulated distance by bike (1, 2 and Home Trainer) | Clock | Automatic stopwatch | Up to 9 lap times | Pedaling cadence (Option) | | Altimeter functions | Current altitude (m or ft) | Maximum and minimum ride altitude | Actual cumulated vertical gain | Climbing speed | Slope (in %) | Home altitude memory | Temperature | | Features | WIN Wireless digital high frequency data transmission, 2.4 GHz | Your choice of speed sensor (to be ordered separately) | Usable on 2 different bikes + Home Trainer | Automatic detection of speed sensor and associated bike (1, 2 or Home Trainer) | CR 2430 battery, replaceable by user | Center mount in front or above the stem | | Data Transfer | USB plug integrated into the Wintech computer housing | Wintech Manager software | Data upload: user?s settings | Data download: ride information and statistic | | Delivered with | Wintech Manager on CD-Rom | Printed quick start guide | Complete User Guide on CD-Rom | | Available options | Cadence sensor | Smart cadence sensor | Extra sensor and accessories for 2nd bike | Home Trainer sensor (for rear wheel, easily removable)

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