Mavic Wintech USB HR 2011

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Brand: Mavic
Category: Cyclo Computers

Description: Heart rate and cycling information, your choice of speed sensor and direct connection to your PC. | | The accurate 2.4 GHz cycling computer that integrates reliable and useful heart rate information now allows the display of a HR graph. All those precious information are easily downloadable to your PC for a detailed review. Plus the freedom to chose one or more of our 3 speed sensors. | | KEY BENEFITS: | A precise follow up for the training addicts | Useful heart rate monitor functions | Plus all speed and distance functions of the Wintech USB | | PC download via USB plug of the computer housing | Upload: customize displays and ease settings | Download: transfer data and analyze performance, including HR graph | | Modularity | Chose among our 3 speed sensors | Use up to 3 speed sensors with the same computer | | Speed, distance and generic functions | Current speed (Km/h or m/h) | Average speed | Maximum Speed | Tendency indicator | Daily distance (km or m) | Total accumulated distance | Total accumulated distance by bike (1, 2 and Home Trainer) | Clock | Automatic stopwatch | Up to 9 lap times | Pedaling cadence (Option) | | Heart rate functions | Instant heart rate (in BPM or % of FC max) | Average heart rate | Maximum heart rate | Programmable workzone | | Features | WIN Wireless digital high frequency data transmission, 2.4 GHz | Your choice of speed sensor (to be ordered separately) | Usable on 2 different bikes + Home Trainer | Automatic detection of speed sensor and associated bike (1, 2 or Home Trainer) | CR 2430 battery, replaceable by user | Center mount in front or above the stem | | Data Transfer | USB plug integrated into the Wintech computer housing | Wintech Manager software | Data upload: user?s settings | Data download: ride information and statistic | | Delivered with | Wintech Manager on CD-Rom | HR Belt | Printed quick start guide | Complete User Guide on CD-Rom | | Available options | Cadence sensor | Smart cadence sensor | Extra sensor and accessories for 2nd bike | Home Trainer sensor (for rear wheel, easily removable)

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