O-Synce MACRO Free High 2010

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Brand: O-Synce
Category: Cyclo Computers

Description: HIGH has the added function of tracking Ascent and Descent distance and rate. | The great edgeless display offers space for more visible data and allows a perfect readability through the positioning in front of the steam. The innovative 3-button-control concept enables an easy and secure handling directly at the handlebar. To control the MACRO you do not need to take your hands off the handlebar anymore. With the especially for mountain and triathlon bikes developed remote control you can place the control buttons anywhere on your handlebar. Place them on your aerobars or right beside you shifters. | | Specifications | | | Features | The MACRO comes in two transmission modes. The MACROfree-Series uses the analogue mode and the MACRO X-Series the digital ANT+ protocol. | | Beside the usual bike functions the MACRO offers up to 200 hours of memory for recording. With the MACROpc interface download the trainings data to your computer and analyze it with the free MOMES SAS software. To take advantage of all the functionalities extend your MACRO training system with a heart rate belt and a cadence sensor. | With the ?Bike-Fastswitch? you can easily switch between two preconfigured bikes. Use your MACRO for mountain and road bike trips. | Are you cycling a lot in the mountains, then the ?high-models? offer you wide additional altimeter functionalities. The X-Series is furthermore compatible with ANT+ power meters like SRM, Cycleops or our own ICP power meter pedal which will be available in the end of 2010. | | Only buy what you need | Depending on the transmission mode you have chosen, you may use your old analogue or digital ANT+ heart rate belt. Although you may use our MACRO X with other ANT+ speed and cadence sensors. In our compatibility list you may check which sensors are compatible. Furthermore all MACRO X sensors can be used with our MIXpro multisport watch.

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