NC-17 10mm Al Axle QRs 2009

NC-17  10mm Al Axle QRs  2009

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Brand: NC-17
Category: Skewers

Description: This quick release is made for all hubs with a 10mm QR-axle. It fits for all normal dropouts (135mm wide) and comes with our CC-Lever and a black anodised 7075-T6 axle. To ensure the highest clamping force possible all NC-17 quick releases use a copper bush rather than plastic or aluminium for the QR leverage surface. | | By using copper it is possible to achieve higher clamping forces with less effort at the QR lever. This higher clamping force (4106N - depending on frame and hub) means that even with big disc brakes you willl never have any problems. | | Note: A little grease between the lever and copper part will increase the performance of your quick-release. | | Technical facts: | -Axle: Al7075-T6 | -Lever: Al7075-T6 | -Color: black | -identification number | -weight: 72 Gram | -clamping force: 4106N (depending on frame and hub)

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