Easton EA6X Aluminum - MTB/Road tube sets 2008

Easton  EA6X Aluminum - MTB/Road tube sets  2008

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Brand: Easton
Category: All Other Bike Related Items

Description: In a continual effort to innovate and advance metallurgy, Easton is pleased to introduce EA6X, a proprietary alloy developed specifically for TIG welded applications. | | Testing in independent laboratories has documented strength properties that demonstrate significant improvements in weld durability and toughness over both 6061 and 6069. When using practical heat-treat temperatures of 980? F, EA6X exhibits a 30% higher yield strength than 6061. EA6X also shows a 120% increase in weld zone fatigue strength versus 6061. Using higher heat-treat temperatures such as and 1010? F produces even better results. | | | ? Standard 6061 heat-treat & age | ? Fully compatible with 6061 alloy | ? Best results with commonly available 4043 weld rod | ? Produces crack-free weld zones for ultimate fatigue strength | ? Powdercoat friendly at 350? F

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