Shimano SH-M221 Silver 2001

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Brand: Shimano
Category: Cycling Shoes

Description: A high performance dirt racing shoe featuring a carbon fiber-reinforced plate in the outsole, aggressive sole tread with toe spikes provides traction for run-ups. Shape retention.

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" Pure Perfection, The posers perfect tool "

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Reviewed on: 16th Dec 2003 from Singapore

The Review
Mine was the 03, but knowing shimano it probably hasnt changed all the much.

The perfect poser shoe, has all the strengths and barely any serious weaknesses. Great for anyone who wants to seriously cycle.

This is one dam nice looking shoe, it looks just right on a nice looking xc bike.

Nice color combo, black and blue/yellow

Stiff sole/carbon fiber

Buckle system works really well, really makes sure your locked in.

They dont feel heavy at all!! They feel very airy when going at speed, and you dont have a problem with air flow to the foot.

Starting to fall apart now, the rear peice is tearing off (probably from me slipping them on and off so much)

Color is fading, due to all the washing

Kinda smell, they are really hard to dry out, and they smell for one ride after you wash.

Duration of product used
1 year

Bike Setup
Scottusa EliteRacer 03

Similar Products Tried
Never used any other spd for serious riding, but i have tried other shoes on for spins around the block.

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