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So uncle... that USB light is $29 or still $92, mind reveal is NiteRider which model?

"Formerly posted by Kuiko: I went HL just now the boss gave me a USB chargeable light very bright, cost $92. He say "Uncle come" I said huh ? why? .. smiling as i was ablout to drag my bike home. I've been there so far like 4 ~ 5 time since about a month ago. Usually casual chat few words, then i scoot off walk to peoples park wash my eyes for half an hour till it's bright and shining ...

He looked at my bike then grab the light from wall hanger & told the tall handsome pinoy guy ? Give to uncle and teach him how to use it.

I said huh .. !? It's $92 not $29 ? Very Expensive .. ?!  He said "Uncle it's not all about money sometimes happy can already..

Woah.. How ?

Sometimes it might not be other people but oneself, maybe just too sensitive ? If you ask me i'll say just small  misunderstand. 

Maybe a bit more empathy goes a long way. Not everyone is as smart as you :p

Beautiful people don't just happen.

Cheers !"

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I did most of my bike stuff with either hup leong or soon watt. so far my experience with hup leong has been very good. sometimes I am ignore at the shop too but when attendtion is needed I always get good services.

I once did experience freebie from gilbert too. that was during CNY many many years back think either 2007 or 2008.

I was window shopping at hup leong that day, than gilbert started chatting with me and suddenly he said "you are using an eggbeater right?"

I reply yeah and the next moment he give me a new set of CrankBrother cleats and say happy CNY!!

Thus uncle is not the only one experience surprises from gilbert                                                     

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Posted on: 24th Dec 2013 7:59 PM    Quote and Reply

As today went to the shop. today got sudden friendly services and attention from aunty, gilbert & a staff, jus like long time not seen a friend kind. Done some purchase and got some little discount. Thks bike shop. next time i dunno will get such nice services or get whacked. Lol.

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Posted on: 26th Feb 2015 4:15 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by BMWX1: Just a feedback on this hup leong bike shop at chin swee road , the boss and the old lady got an attidute proble  look down on ppl .  Will never step into that shop to purchase anything again .."

Really surprised..I have been dealing with Gilbert and Hup Leong Cycle for 18 years now and bought 4 bikes from them..grest bikes, great deal and upgrades, great service, great knowledge and follow up ..and I know bikes as I took care of our Canadian National and Olympic Cycling Team for 3 years and raced myself...never even had anything but excellent experience at Hup Leong!!

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Posted on: 13th Apr 2015 11:57 PM    Quote and Reply

I went to Hup Leong several times in separate occasions n so far have been treated well by the staff there. Auntie, Jon, a few staff n Gilbert (I believe it is him) have great customer service.

So far, I bought only small items like:
1. 2 pcs of Saris beams,
2. Saris Bone RS bike rack
3. Grease
4. A-frame bike stand
5. Minoura bike stand and
6. Chain lock 

Will go back for more definitely...


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Posted on: 15th Apr 2015 1:34 PM    Quote and Reply

they are willing to let me browse the shop without commenting

they don't talk down to me and let me try on bikes for 'fit'

they have decent parts

if they like you they will give you discount off tag price (they generally will like you if you buy their stuff =p)

and some of their prices are even better than online

what is there not to like? 

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Posted on: 8th Sep 2015 12:19 PM    Quote and Reply

Not so friendly shop.

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Posted on: 8th Sep 2015 3:39 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by thomasnlb: Not so friendly shop."

care to elaborate? :)

My opinion of them is neither too positive nor negative.
They are located fairly conveniently for me, however as I would normally DIY repair/service my bike, I've not had to use their services.
What I like about them is that so far none of their staff seem too pushy, yet are available to answer any queries. It's my personal preference to have sales staff that don't hound you repeatedly and shadow you all around the store.

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Posted on: 8th Sep 2015 6:29 PM    Quote and Reply

Hup Leong seem ok to me. Never had a problem with them and they have lots of stock and reasonable prices. Unlike the place near me on East Coast Rd where they are arrogant and charge crazy prices. $22 for a DT Swiss spoke which I got at Soon Watt for $2.50, $16 for a tube which I got at Hup Leong for $8, $35 for a Shimano olive which I got at Rodalink for $5, if you want to complain about a shop that one is worth complaining about, what a rip off - maybe they have a reputation?

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Posted on: 9th Sep 2015 12:13 PM    Quote and Reply

I was there once to look for a big saddle rack and a tatoo malay guy(sorry i forgot his name) he was super helpfull and friendly.
Even they do not haf the type i was looking for, the other guys ard still smile and greet me as i was still looking around the shop.
Shop is well lit, not cramp and bikes haf the prices attached. Thumbs up.

When I ride i know that my FATsĀ are CRYING.
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