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Posted on: 1st Jul 2012 4:51 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi guys
Im Pei Shan,  a physiotherapist working in St Luke's  Hospital (community hospital). End August, i will be doing this charity cycling event in Malaysia. 

For those interested, u can visit https://www.give.sg/TeamGIVE/PeiShan for more details.

I have been cycling the past 20years (now 23yrs old) everyday be it to school or work. None the less 300km still forces me to train for the past 2 months since it's my 1st time doing such long distance.

Problem: i have been doing training with mountain bike and many many people has ask me to find a racer/road bike for the trip so i can go to work the following Monday.

Qn: does anyone know where can i borrow a bicycle?

Thank you for taking time and all the help is needed! ^_<

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Posted on: 2nd Jul 2012 6:21 AM    Quote and Reply

I am glad you ask first
Proper bike fit is a must especially for long distances like the one you attempting
Do not burrow or rent if the bike fit is not in order
You also need to get used to he cycling posture which is different from mountain bike
You may want to practice drinking from water bottle while cycling
Tire tend to be under-inflate and puncture easily for begineers to road bike
Wishing you all the best.

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Posted on: 3rd Jul 2012 10:18 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi Pei Shan,

In my humble opinion, if the 300km were to be tackled in a moderate speed of 25-30km/h, a mountain bike will do just fine.

Mountain bike has a more upright riding position, which means it is less strain on your back. Also, with its wider tires, the ride will be less bumpy. On top of that, low gearing on mountain bike will allow you to get over hills easier. Mind you, the road from Mersing to Kota Tinggi is hilly. 

In fact, most cyclists who do touring prefers to use mountain bike. If you really want to increase speed, I will recommend change into sleek tires.

On the other hand, road bike of course is faster, lighter etc. But hey, you are not going for competition right?

So, if I were you, I will just go with mountain bike.



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Posted on: 4th Jul 2012 12:01 AM    Quote and Reply

Mountain bike will do just fine, just change your knobbies ( if it is on ) to 1.25 sleek tire , have been to Melaka & Mersing on this set up with saddle bags on... no issue, its a journey not a race. Ride Safe Ride Well

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