Topic: CycleInstead: Chiang Mai to Edinburgh Epic Tour 2011

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On April 15th of this year, my cycling partner and I will embark on a 15,000 km journey across 19 countries. Our tour will begin in Chiang Mai, Thailand and finish in Edinburgh, Scotland. The aim of the journey is to raise awareness of suicide prevention and mental health issues. Our goal is to raise 20,000 pounds for our partner charity the Scottish Association for Mental Health, (SAMH).

Please check out our website for more information at http://www.cycleinstead.com

Currently we are seeking sponsorship for the tour and equipment donations.

Thanks and happy cycling!


jaye at cycleinstead dot com


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Looks like great fun...am very jealous as I sit behind my desk at work! Good luck. Will look forward to your posts on your website and maybe on here?

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Thanks! Yes the website will be the best place to follow along with as we'll have limited internet access on the road.

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Hi CycleInstead, all the best for the journey. Feel free to check in here to post your updates

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