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Posted on: 25th May 2003 5:14 PM    Quote and Reply

Now that I figured out the message bin, I quite like it.
As usual, I have a few gripes/suggestions though:

1. I would like to be able to fix the position/size of the
message bin window across browser restarts etc? Could
thebin store those in a cookie and re-use them?

2. I don't like that message windows opened from the bin
inherit the size of the bin *once the bin has been resized*
(this is with Opera/Linux, soit may be a browser specific thing)
Again, I'd like to set the layout and have it remember that

my ideal layout: message bin on the left, fully sized vertically.
to the right the thread display, again maximized vertically. The
whole taking up all my screen. If the two could be shown in one
frameset that would be nice (for me).

3. Why does the login in the bin expire so fast?

4. Can the bin get a post option too? I don't like to have to
switch to the main Forum window to post a new thread.

5. An option to sort messages in the bin by date/time or forum or poster would be nice..

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Posted on: 26th May 2003 3:34 PM    Quote and Reply

Matjes, Thanks for the feedback. However, the message bin is no longer technically supported because 1) its design is technically flawed 2) there is an elusive bug in the code, that I think might take too much time to address.

There will be a a revamp of the entire system, together with few other goodies. But that'll have to wait. My time is currently engaged in upgrading the marketplace. Hang on!

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Posted on: 30th Apr 2019 10:52 PM    Quote and Reply

Wow. After 16 years.  I had no idea what this was about when it came in

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