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Here at Togoparts, members are selling their used cycling items that they no longer need, or could have purchased and regretted. Saw your favourite frameset or compoments on sale? If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

Even if you are selling something, there is a chance that you could be scammed as well. We recommend meeting the potential buyer / seller face to face in a safe place for the transaction.


Here are some tips to help you transact online safely:

Scammers like to use Western Union, MoneyGram and Ukash, and nowadays, Paypal too.

People often use these companies to send money abroad to friends and family, or for trade. Be suspicious if a stranger asks you to pay or wants to pay you through one. In our small sunny island, most potential buyers, if not all, will probably want to inspect and look at the item, more so a larger ticket item such as a full bike or frameset before parting with their precious money.


Ukash - This is designed for transactions between customers and merchant sites. It's not designed for private sellers and buyers. Scammers will usually either create fake websites, pretending to be Ukash, or ask you to buy a Ukash voucher and send them the voucher number. Our advice is simply don't use Ukash. Meet in person instead, or use a safe online payment method if you absolutely have to pay online.


Western Union / Moneygram - These services are meant for people who know each other well to transfer money to each other. What scammers commonly do is ask you to prove you have money to buy their item by asking you to send money to your friend or family. They'll then ask you to show them a copy of the receipt. All they need is to take the tracking number from your receipt and go collect the money themselves. Try to avoid using these services with people you don't know, as there is no way of getting your money back.


There’s no money-back guarantee with PayPal – Family & Friends because it’s for paying people you know. So don’t do it. Similarly, they may want to use PayPal.me, which is another payment service that should be used between people who know each other, because the payment can't be reversed when used. The service that will cover you is PayPal - Service, but we still suggest you familiarise yourself with PayPal's help pages.


They might also ask for your personal details such as banking account number for a transfer of funds. Our recommendation is to meet up first, before agreeing to transfer the money via ibanking. Let’s face it, bikes in Singapore are definitely not the cheapest in the world, and it is probably cheaper if they buy it in their own country than to buy in Singapore and ship it over.


If you see any suspicious ads or members, do hit the Flag button to report them to us.
To find out more about online scamming, take a look at Scam Alert Singapore

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