Topic: Car decals/stickers - 1.5 meter distance when overtaking.

Posted on: 3rd Oct 2019 9:34 AM    Quote and Reply

A few years ago (maybe many years already?) I noticed many cars with the same rear window decal (or bumper sticker) highlighting the need to provide space when overtaking bicycles.  These were all the same design so I assume these were given away or sold at the same place.  As Singapore cars got scrapped, these stickers also dissappeared from the roads.

Does anyone know more about these decals?  I am interested to have one for my own car.  Had a look at Lazada/Alliexpress and didn't immediately find something that communicated the message as well as the old decals I remember.

On google image I found the below sticker from Ireland, which is similar to the Singaporean one I remember.
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Posted on: 29th Oct 2019 1:42 PM    Quote and Reply

I remember this, would be good to get these made up again...

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