Topic: Angry roadies On PCN

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"Formerly posted by rbc1891:
"Formerly posted by Alexx8590:
"Formerly posted by Bluesky3000: To be honest, Singapore has one of the worst social background for anyone else on the road... Have never experienced the crazy honkings and rude actions and remarks overseas.."

Roadies generally have a hard time globally, Youtube has countless videos for reference. But if you avoid city areas and peak hours, the roads are generally quiet and pleasant. But again, we have too many recent cases of arrogant roadies not abiding by traffic rules as well as bad drivers. And the small population and tiny island only magnifies the hatred between drivers and roadies. Generally if you stick to the left, ride in line of twos and don't swerve into the middle, there would'nt be an issue, at least not for me. "
Perception always problematic. However, more and more people perceive especially cyclists, that the Highway Code as per their individual liking. No way such perception can align/tally with other road/PCN/footpath users. So the offending cyclist(s) gets annoyed that the others are not aligned with the individual cyclist's perception. While the others are annoyed that the cyclist is not aligned with the perception of each of them. Some/many cyclist do not even have a bicycle bell on thier bicycle. Some pedestrian do wear earplugs, ignoring being alert by cyclist. Some pedestrian starts walking in zig-zag manner upon hearing bicycle bell ringing?"
Alot will be hearing music and ignorant on the path as well.

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