Topic: Clipless Users - What's your prefered choice? Eggbeaters or SPD or Time.

Posted on: 24th Apr 2017 8:44 AM    Quote and Reply

State your clipless choice and why u choose the clipless systems as your prefered choice of use.

I on SPDs probably durable and used to the clip-in feel. Thks.
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Posted on: 24th Apr 2017 10:52 AM    Quote and Reply

Speedplay, push down to clip in. Need some getting used to the clipping in method as it is different from the rest. Once it get the hang of it, it is fuss free. Unlike typical clipless where the cleat is on the sole of the shoe, speedplay's cleat is the pedal and the clipin mechanism is on the sole of the shoes. Free float is adjustment via the side screws.

1) durable, almost maintenance free
2) no need to replace the cleat (pedal) some riders have 30,000 miles on them and still using them.

1) New ones need abit of running in.
2) higher learning curve?

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Posted on: 25th Apr 2017 3:45 PM    Quote and Reply

I chose SPDs for the dual-sided operation and walkability.
Chose the multi-release SH-56 cleats for ease of unclipping when I was a noob. So far (touch wood) no falls when coming to a stop :)

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Posted on: 2nd May 2017 9:11 AM    Quote and Reply

Speedplay Zeros!

And you can use the special Keep on Kovers for Speedplay Zeros while you are on the bike. Protect the cleats even further.

1) Need regular maintenace on the pedals & cleats
2) Need to grease them using a grease gun

But these are simple maintenance steps and does not take more than 30 mins.

Have a safe & enjoyable ride!

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Posted on: 5th May 2017 7:51 AM    Quote and Reply

Currently using SPD. Haven't tried the rest yet. The reason I get SPD is simply it is commonly available everywhere and you can get replacement parts easily. 

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