Topic: At what PSI do you guys stay indoors?

Posted on: 13th Sep 2015 8:13 AM    Quote and Reply

Hey guys just want  to know around what PSI do you guys stay indoors and with the current PSI at 165 (8AM) would you guys be caught riding outside? 
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Posted on: 13th Sep 2015 9:32 AM    Quote and Reply

For me, i dont bother to check the psi as it can be inaccurate. I just take a deep breath in, if i can smell burning wood smell I stay in door.

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Posted on: 14th Sep 2015 10:53 AM    Quote and Reply

Did almost 70km on Saturday - day started with PSI in heathy range but by the half way mark dipped into the mid 100s >.< Can't be helped as i was in the middle of nowhere w.r.t my home but didn't feel any ill effects ^^

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Posted on: 14th Sep 2015 12:27 PM    Quote and Reply

I have not cycled nor jogged since the haze came back. I consider the haze as the equivalent of inhaling second hand smoke.

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