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"Formerly posted by LCT:

     IMHO I find that i smell less if i was kept dryer, most good dry-fit Ts i had do not stink that much. I do have some cheapo ones, some really stinks bad. Maybe i give cotton another try, i had not done for ages.

     I noticed that most good dry-fit fabric Ts for runing are very light n silky but not suitable for heavy duty sports.



Capilene  , Patagonia's "dri fit" fabric has a "good" name. but it stinks .....

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now, don't get me started on the translucent coatings to my armpit hair a few years ago that i simply couldn't scrape off. i'm not perfect, however i'm using a sulphur based bar soap for washing up, from my GP.

8% Sulphur, 0.2 Salicylic Acid, $7 for 2 pieces. 

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