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Topic: Aleoca bike racks and flying bikes

Posted on: 29th Jun 2007 9:46 AM    Quote and Reply


June 29, 2007 
Bicycle flew off the rack attached to boot of car at the CTE
ON JUNE 17, my husband and I decided to go cycling. We bought an Aleoca bicycle rack a few months back and had used it twice already.

We brought it down, attached it to the boot of the car and hooked up both our mountain bicycles to the rack. We knew nothing would happen because we had tightened the velcro fasteners.

However, to our dismay, while we were travelling along the CTE towards the city, just at the Braddell flyover, my bicycle which was right at the end of the rack flew off.

A few cars beside us started honking in an effort to inform us about the fallen bicycle. I knew at once something was wrong.

I looked at the rear view mirror and, lo and behold, my bicycle wasn't there. Only my husband's bicycle was still attached to the front of the rack.

We couldn't stop at the road shoulder as there were too many cars so we decided to exit at Moulmein Road and turn back and re-enter the CTE towards Ang Mo Kio.

Finally, after what felt like hours, we got back onto the CTE towards the city and headed straight towards the Braddell flyover. To our amazement, my bicycle was parked nicely along the shoulder with a few dents here and there. There weren't any cars or motorcycles around that were damaged or hurt. Phew!

We decided to check the rack then and we found that it wasn't the velcro that was loose, but the actual rack attachment holder that holds the bicycle to the rack. Both pieces came off the rack.

We noticed that these holders were not screwed onto the rack but glued on. Hence we realised that the glue must have somehow melted because the area where the holders were supposed to be was sticky and moist.

Can someone at Aleoca explain why this happened? It could have been much worse. Thank goodness it was a Sunday and though there were vehicles on the CTE, there were not that many like during the weekdays.

Also, I would like to thank whoever it was who made the effort to stop along the CTE, picked up my bicycle and parked it nicely for me. Thank you so very much for your help.

Fiona Anne Jeremiah (Ms)


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Posted on: 29th Jun 2007 11:38 AM    Quote and Reply

Wah, that's scary.

'Light Freak'

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Posted on: 29th Jun 2007 11:55 AM    Quote and Reply

Make sure aleoca sg compensates.
Bring the matter up.

But on a sidenote. Imagine I driving along. Got free bike on the road to pick up. Shoik sia.. Wahaha...

a beefybuffet.blogspot.com link/

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Posted on: 30th Jun 2007 4:55 AM    Quote and Reply

Talk about quality manufacturing....

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Posted on: 30th Jun 2007 2:08 PM    Quote and Reply

if their bikes suck, i dont see how their stuff wouldnt.

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Posted on: 30th Jun 2007 2:12 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by xALmoN: if their bikes suck, i dont see how their stuff wouldnt.

It's amazing to see the number of people buying Aleoca bicycles from Carrefour. They think it's good value and frankly the quality sucks.

If there had been a motorcyclist behind this vehicle, it would have caused a serious accidient.

Next time, beginners should get a Saris or Thule and save yourself all the trouble.

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Posted on: 1st Jul 2007 3:54 PM    Quote and Reply

Thanks for alerting us about Aleoca quality.

I would say: you get what you pay for, so do consider something more reputable. If it's too expensive, try a second-hand rack from the TGP marketplace.

It's better than having another bike fall on to a motorcyclist and killing him. 

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Posted on: 2nd Jul 2007 11:52 AM    Quote and Reply

At $69.90 (or is it $79.90?), I think Aleoca's basic mtb model does offer value for money. For their more expensive bikes, think they are simply not worth it.

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Posted on: 2nd Jul 2007 3:28 PM    Quote and Reply

Aleoca = BATA = Buy And Throw Away.

I won't buy anything mechanical or electronic sold at NTUC or Carrefour.


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