Topic: Uncle Tamiya, 4-Time Winner of #Togoparts Km Challenge

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Coming at 55 years of age, the sprightly Allan Yeo shakes my hand in a firm grip as we settle by the side of the #TOGO817 Jersey Colletion Day event for a small chat. More affectionately known as Uncle Tamiya (uncletamiya) but without relations to the famed toy car maker brand, he walks with a lively bounce to his step usually reserved for people with good energy. Allan is the 4-time winner of Togoparts’ various cycling challenges. His Hall of Fame victory list includes #TOGO920, #TOGO1050, #TOGO517 and most recently, #TOGO817. This prize-collection day, we see Uncle Tamiya walking away with a Cannondale bike worth $700, sponsored by Cannondale, for his #1 Finisher position in the #Togo817 km challenge. He is also the proud winner of a saddle from the Saddle Sore category.


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