Topic: #TOGO817 Finisher Jersey Collection Day

Posted on: 2nd Oct 2017 2:06 AM    Quote and Reply

On #TOGO817‘s Jersey Collection Day, the heavens sent “brimstone and rain”. The event tentage set up at the Grandstand at Turf City, was buffeted by moderate rain and smoke drifting over from a nearby 7th Lunar month incense burning ritual. However, these were no obstacles to stop the 200-strong crowd from queuing up for Jerseys, Quad Locks and other merchandises being sold at the booths. True to the old adage of punctuality, the first cyclist showed up at 1.50pm to collect his jersey. By 2pm, the start of event, a healthy queue had formed leading to the jersey collection booth. Many were tingling with anticipation at meeting fellow like-minded cyclists or were just there to have a good time and catch the 2 lucky draws.



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