Topic: #TOGO817: This Hardy Nose Cancer Survivor Wins 6th Elite Finisher and Tells His Story

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A chemical engineer, John’s presence was strong and energetic, passing off my questions with the air of a man at ease with the world and himself. However, this was not always the case for the cycling veteran, who was diagnosed with nose cancer in 2005. On 19 Oct, 2005, John bled through his nose. The excessive amount of blood shocked him; shortly after the hospital checkup, he was diagnosed with stage one nose cancer.

Then on, things took a dampening turn for John. Radiotherapy became a norm for him 6 weeks on; he lost about 10kg over the period. The adage “shadow of his former self” became very true for the cyclist; he was weakened, but not defeated. Because of his condition, John stopped exercising that period of time.

Came Christmas. The day of the Lord’s birth gave him his biggest gift: he had his last day of treatment, and things took a turn for the better. Set in “recovery mode”, a newfound appreciation for life took over John and he began to eat healthily. This included an abstinence from preserved food, canned food etc. He barred himself from sausages and bacon, and would only eat fresh food such as vegetables. 12 years later, John has been officially cleared of cancer.



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