Topic: #TOGO817: Stephen Moore, The Strava Artist Speaks

Posted on: 28th Sep 2017 9:45 AM    Quote and Reply

Mr Stephen Moore has a few titles strapped to his name.

First, he’s known to the cycling fraternity as the 8th Male Elite Finisher of the recent #TOGO817 km challenge, organized by Togoparts that ended on 9 Sept 2017. It took him 3 tries over previous challenges to achieve this record.

His second achievement is the “Artist” title in the same #TOGO817, and previously #TOGO517 for his most creative Strava art route mapped out on a GPS route planner.

Third achievement, he’s probably the one and only guy who’s able to claim bragging rights for cycling around the whole of Singapore – doing it for his Strava art.

The Straits Times did an interview with the Brompton Kiwi (Stephen’s nickname for himself in reference to the fruit of his native New Zealand).

Also, check out his #TOGO817 winning Strava art entry here.



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Posted on: 2nd Oct 2017 9:38 AM    Quote and Reply

Congratulations Stephen!

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Amazing Stephen. Glad to have met you. And it is mind boggling to know that you have rode on all roads in Singapore. Sheer awesome!!!


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