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Introducing more Team Achievements for your collection! Team Chiongster, Saddle Sore, Hour Record, Twilight, Photosynthesis & Night Owls are up for grabs! Jio your kakis and form your team of minimum 5 members (regardless of gender) now!

There will only be ONE winning team (mixed gender) in each category this time, and only TOP 5 TEAMMATES (regardless of gender) will be counted as the winner. Split up your teams if you want more teammates to have a chance to compete!

Post below if you are looking for a team or if your team needs members!
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I am looking to join a cycling group mostly interest group no competition. Weekend cycling to make friends. If there is such group I am interested as I'm over 57yrs old. Cycling is to keep healthy. 
I live at woodlands area near Woodlands 11. 

If Togo parts form such a cycling group.  Contact me. Email elephant18@gmail.com"> elephant18@gmail.com 


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