Topic: MTB Value in SG

Posted on: 15th Apr 2019 12:33 PM    Quote and Reply


New to this forum. but general question because i'm considering selling my MTB.

Its a 2018 Canyon Exceed SLX Pro 

I kaykiang bought last year, use(don't laugh) on PCN and my house garden. 

Now realised spend almost SGD 8K on a bike.. that i use for less than 10 times.. to cycle in my garden.

Last time guai guai cycle garden also thotough clean everything. 

now realise don't know for what also.

I'm not dying to sell it. But keep also no point. 

Question is.. people always say keep this one-of-a-kind bike in SG got value. Will go up. True or not? I feel like value goes down everytime people post their bikes online.

What do you guys think?

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