Topic: Join now! Show off your Ride and earn a chance to win some prizes on the lucky draw!

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Show off your ride, and earn a chance to win prizes!

Contest Start date: 26 November 2018
Contest End Date: 22 December 2018 
Lucky Draw Date: 23 December 2018

Prizes to Win!
1) 3 x 1 Litre Muc-Off Bicycle Bike Nano Tech Wash Cleaner! 
2) 3 x Limited Edition Togoparts Mugs!

How to Participate: 
Go to http://www.togoparts.com/bikeprofile/index.php
1) Login or Sign up for an account if you not a member yet.
2) Click on "Add a Bike" button
3) To qualify:

a) Add at least 1 Bike.
b) Your bike profile must have at least 1 picture of the bike.
c) Describe your ride. Here are some suggestions! For eg. What do you like most or least about this bike. Specs of the Bike, where you bought it from, etc. and  Usual Cycling Routine with this bike.

4) An updated post (click on EDIT and Update the profile) of your bikes ALREADY added before in the past also qualify
5) Increase your chance towards winning! Post/Update 2 or more bikes to get 2 chances for winning the Muc-Off Cleaner, post 3 to get 3 chances and so forth
6) The 3 Best Bike Profiles judged by the Togoparts admin team brings home a Togoparts Mug each!

Questions? Facebook Message us now! https://m.me/togoparts/

Add your bike now! Good luck!

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Join now!

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It's not too late to upload your entries now! 

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