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As cycling enthusiasts, we are always ‘itching’ to upgrade stuff on our bikes. Naturally the marketplace is a popular location where many of us post their bike parts/bikes to sell and of course, keep a lookout for bargains or value-for-money used parts/bikes to buy.

The saying goes, “if something is too good to be true, it probably is”. As enthusiasts, most of us would know the estimated value of a particular product from a given brand. So, if you happen to come across suspicious ad posts do inform the Togoparts team by

  1. Flagging the ad for our attention by clicking on “Report Abuse” link found on every ad or

  2. Sending an email to moderators@togoparts.com"> moderators@togoparts.com

Some tips/things to look out for dealing with counterfeits, damaged products and scammers.

Point 1: Ad Postings
1.    Be cautious when sellers use terms like “Genuine”, “Genuine or your money back” or “BNIB”. Check with the seller why he/she is selling the product.

2.    Some types of items are subjected to widespread counterfeiting. These include high-end, notable brands of bike parts & frames. Cycling Apparel is another item that is commonly counterfeited.

3.    Check that the ad has an actual picture of the product. Be cautious of ads posted in the marketplace with no pictures uploaded. If the seller refuses to send you an actual picture via Whatsapp, be careful.

4.    If the reason given is dubious or suspicious due questionable sources or circumstances. Here are some reasons to name a few:

  1. Product is from an “OEM” source. These products may be counterfeits in the guise of “OEM” replacement or after sales products.

  2. Seller’s company sponsors many bike events and claims that bike manufacturers give him many bikes/bike parts which he then sells.

  3. Or parts are taken off a new bike that he/she bought wrongly, or a gift, etc.

  4. Or that the seller has more than 1 of the same item to sell (have stock).

  5. Or that the seller has bought the product online elsewhere and attempts to resell them to you. Take note that local distributors will not service a bike that is not purchased from them.

Point 2: Do your Research and make due diligence.
5.    Do some research prior to meeting the seller. For example, do a search up Google or checking with LBS how a genuine product should look like or checking online on how to verify if the product is authentic.

6.    Get knowledgeable friends to accompany you if you are not quite confident that you can identify or inspect the product for fakes or damage.

Point 3: Transacting / Meeting and Greeting
7.    Double check with the seller the place, date & time of meeting for the transaction at the agreed price via messaging. Do not go down to transact if you do not have an agreement to save time, effort and fustration.

8.    Upon meeting, ask to see and inspect the product first. Do not deal if the seller is trying to rush the process or not give you sufficient time to check the authenticity/condition of the product. The excuses used could sound urgent for eg.

  1. Need to pick up kids/husband/wife, need to rush to the hospital, rush to work etc. and/or

  2. With verbal assurances given that refunds will be made if the items sold are not up to expectations, etc.

9.    Do not deal if the seller gives you a partial product claiming the other part(s) of the item is somewhere else and will send it to you another day and/or suddenly wants to change the selling price.

10.    Be careful also if the seller suddenly wants to sell other desirable products he or she happens to have at an attractive price.

11.    Do not pay any deposit should the seller require you to when the seller claims to have left his parts at home (or some other place)

12.    Do not pay the seller via Paypal, Internet banking or other online means – on the promise that the product will be shipped, delivered or brought later to you.

We hope that everyone will continue to have positive experiences with the marketplace and Togoparts will not tolerate any users who attempt to scam or cheat other fellow users as this is a criminal offence.

We also welcome any information you can add to this.

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