Topic: Looking for cycling acquaintances

Posted on: 15th Dec 2017 1:30 PM    Quote and Reply

I am a guy residing at the east side who just gotten back into cycling (mountain bike).  Recently, I did a solo minor round island trip on PCN / pavement that took me 12hrs to complete at a leisure pace.  It took that long because I did not plan the route and got lost without the aid of a GPS.

My wish is to do a proper overnight (e.g. 10pm to 10am) cycling round island trip one day.

I am also interested in leisure rides to wherever on weekends.  As I do not trust Singapore motorists and do not wish to obstruct traffic due to my leisure pace, I prefer to ride on PCN / pavement only.

I am not outgoing enough to join existing cycling groups. So, hit me up if you are currently a solo / duo rider(s) who wanna team up.

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Posted on: 7th Oct 2018 11:43 AM    Quote and Reply

pm me in wechat for a ride, i’m doing solo too

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