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Posted on: 15th Sep 2017 11:02 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi all,

I am visiting Singapore from Perth Australia at the end of September and am planning to do a round-the-island route which I believe will be about 125km.

So far this is the best route I find:

Do you have a better TCX/GPX you can share?

Also, as this is a self-supported ride, do I need to ride on the road or does Singapore have a dedicate cycling lane? Also, is it easy to stop for food/water along the way?

One final question: I'm contemplating of either bringing my bike from Perth or rent. So far I've been suggested to contact Bike Haus which I did but still no reply yet and it has been about a week now. If I want to rent a road bike, where would you recommend? 

THanks for the help.

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Posted on: 18th Sep 2017 5:07 PM    Quote and Reply

if I were you I'd transport the bike to Singapore

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