Topic: 16" vs. 20" folding bike.

Posted on: 25th Aug 2011 9:45 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi all.

Can someone tell me how different the 16" folding bikes are from the 20" versions?
I plan to travel a lot and drag the bike with me, so I'm leaning towards the 16" version.
But if there isn't much difference, I have many more choices with 20" models.

Is the 20" - 10kg models just fine for going to Pulau Ubin, Batam, etc. by ferry ?     

What a about taking a folding bike on an airplane?

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Posted on: 26th Aug 2011 1:46 PM    Quote and Reply

i have a dahon eco and planning to buy the top end moulton. Look no further. Buy a dahon 16" or 20". You can't go wrong. The rest of the folding bikes just pales in comparison. brompton too expensive and high poseur value, birdy is the name of a male organ, strida looks very odd and has many rip off versions out there, montague? i don't want to even start on it. Carryme is very very awkwardly small and rides poorly and wobbles alot. stepdragon, do you really want to ride something with the name dragon on it? Actually in the folding bicycle world, the best bet is to buy a dahon. Particularly so when the support is great in Singapore, if not possibly the best around the world.

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Posted on: 27th Aug 2011 10:20 AM    Quote and Reply


i received top end service support and never regretted getting my 2 Dahons. Worth the investment. 

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