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Hi all,

Hi guys. I thought I'd share my experience in getting the new RFID tags for SLEX. Ithink this will be the ones replacing the e-pass right?

Anyway, youre required to fill up an application and submit an OR CR of your vehicles then upon payment of the initial P500 load (per vicle pwr sticker) someone will install the RFID sticker on your left headlight. That is if you brought your car otherwise you will have to come back again another time to have this installed by them because you cannot or not allowed to take home this sticker and install it yourself.


Im kinda pissed because my idea was just to transfer the epass or RFID to any vehicle I wish to use. Now I cant do that. I wanted to centralize expenses to one particular RFID or epass so that its easy to monitor expenses. Now if I had 4 cars then I have to reload 4 stickers which will probably be very confusing in the future. 

I didnt have my OR CR with me today so I was sent home without getting any RFID. My bad. However, the fact that the RFID sticker is installed on the headlight glass and in my case plastic cover of the headlight got me thinking whether I'd still want the RFID or not because I prefer to have the RFID sticker on my windshield and not on my headlight!

Well this got me thinking whether to come back to their Bicutan office or not. I kinda lost interest already.


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