Topic: 5 Best Safety Tips for Cycling on Singapore Roads

Posted on: 6th Nov 2017 8:35 AM    Quote and Reply

Cycling on the roads can be especially daunting for new cyclists or people not used it. In year 2016, the Department of Statistics Singapore (Singstats) recorded 594 bicycle-related accidents; of these, 20 people alone were killed. In 2006, 493 bike accidents were recorded compared to 594 accidents in 2016, ten years apart.

Then, aside from watching out for traffic, the stress and onus is on you to obey all traffic rules and make sure that what you do does not jeopardize the safety of other users, and vice-versa. Let’s face it: a bike is a flimsy thing compared to a car. Human lives are precious; it is indeed ironic that we drive the very thing that endangers us. Regardless, here are 5 basic points you could follow to ensure your own safety while tackling the roads. (Road bikers, stay safe!)


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