Topic: Coroner Advises E-bikers to Ride Defensively Amid Spate of E-bike Deaths

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Coroner Bay mentioned this when giving his findings at an inquest into the death of Mr Heng. The 62-year old was killed by a tipper-truck when he rode his E-bike in the Central Business District on Nov 18, 2016.

The court heard that the truck, driven by Mr Tan Keh Nguang, was crusing at 30-40 kmh along Cecil Street when Mr Heng, who was traveling ahead along the extreme left of the five-lane street, cut to his right in the line of the truck. This resulted in the abrupt collision – Mr Heng’s bike was crushed and he was found lying more than 12m away from it.

In a statement to the police, Mr Tan stated the slow speed of his truck and said that he stopped his truck after having felt movement from his right rear wheel. He got down immediately to investigate, found Mr Heng lying on the road and called for emergency services.



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Saw a few postings  by Mr DanTan89 without any word written, was wondering why, is it meant to be blank or what ??

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